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Li-Fi Technologies

Li-Fi is a technology that uses visible light communication (VLC) to enable high-speed, high-capacity wireless communication. It works on the same principle as Wi-Fi, but instead of radio waves, it uses light waves from LED bulbs to transmit data. These data are then received by optical sensors and converted back into an electrical signal, allowing users to access the internet without cables or wires.

Li-Fi offers several advantages over traditional Wi-Fi, such as higher data speeds, greater security, and improved energy efficiency since LED bulbs consume less power than traditional Wi-Fi routers.

Here are some example findings from our report:

  • An article about high-performance visible light lasers that fit on a fingertip.
  • An article on building new kinds of low-cost mobile network architectures, using Li-Fi.
  • How one might power future Li-Fi-based 6G devices by harvesting human body energy.

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