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Future computing technologies

Future computing technologies include quantum computing, DNA computing or DNA-based data storage, graphene computing, neuromorphic computing, and optical or photonic computing.

These technologies are not just “more of the same”: They will likely use different materials and computing architectures than our current systems.

As a starting point for you to explore these technologies further, we gathered data from Mergeflow’s API, so that you can see what’s going on within and across these technologies. this includes companies in these areas, patents, R&D publications, blogs, and market analyses.

First, some numbers

As a first step, we put together some interactive charts that help you explore the momentum of these technologies. We obtained all data from Mergeflow’s API, and made them available here (you can also click on the image below to get to the charts dashboard).

Interactive dashboard, showing Mergeflow data on future computing technologies.
Interactive dashboard, showing Mergeflow data on future computing technologies.

Original data on each computing technology

In addition to the charts, we also created R&D and business data snapshots for each computing technology. This way you can access some of the underlying papers, patents, and articles directly, and explore each topic further. Here is what they look like (click on the image to see the snapshot):

Mergeflow R&D and business data snapshot on quantum computing.
Mergeflow R&D and business data snapshot on quantum computing.

And here are snapshots for the other technologies from the chart above:

DNA-Based Storage →

DNA Computing →


Graphene Computing →

Memristor →

Neuromorphic Computing →

Optical Computing →

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I am no expert in any of these computing technologies. Therefore I found it very helpful when I came across some overview articles that made it easier for me to approach these topics. I’d like to thank Kai Beckmann from Merck for his articles, It’s all a matter of the right material and The Future of Computing. And I would like to thank Dan Wellers and Fawn Fitter for their article, 6 Surprising Innovations for the Future of Computing. Other great resources, specifically on quantum computing, are OODA Loop’s Quantum Computing Sensemaking page, and the NSA’s Quantum Computing and Post-Quantum Cryptography FAQ.

This article was written by:

Florian Wolf

Florian Wolf

Florian is founder and CEO at Mergeflow, where he is responsible for company strategy and analytics development at Mergeflow. Previously, Florian developed analytics software for risk management at institutional investors. He also worked as a Research Associate in Computer Science and Genetics at the University of Cambridge. Florian has a PhD in Cognitive Sciences from MIT.

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