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Mergeflow’s prompt templates help you come up with new ways to search and ask questions of Mergeflow data. think of them as your “digital thought partner” that helps you kickstart your exploration.

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Alternative queries for your topic

Suggest 3 alternative queries for [topic].

  • When your first search doesn’t give you the results you want, and you need different queries to find better and more relevant information.
  • Look at a topic from different angles to get a variety of ideas and understand it better.


What is a more general way of saying [topic]?

  • A more general way of saying a specific technology can help identify alternative solutions or approaches that competitors may be using.
  • Uncover related or tangential technologies that may have potential applications or synergies with your focus area of interest.


What could be substitute technologies for [technology]?

  • Explore alternative options that provide similar functionalities or advantages.
  • Uncover emerging or disruptive alternatives that may outperform or replace current technologies.

What are different types or examples of [topic]?

  • Seeing different types or examples helps you discover diverse use cases for a technology.
  • Getting from “abstract concept” to “concrete implementation”.

Exploring technologies for your topic

What technologies do I need for [topic]?

Rather than looking for “the one” solution, look for several smaller but compounding innovations.

I am a [role] at [company]. What emerging technologies should I explore?

Intended use: “I” = your customer, not you.

  • Find non-trivial, technical contents that help you have meaningful conversations with your customers.
  • Discover topics where your own products and solutions can provide value to your customers.

What could be technological approaches to solve the following problem? [my topic]

Discover overlooked technologies, and explore unconventional or emerging technologies that could offer unique ways to solve the problem at hand.

Application analysis and mind mapping

How do different industries approach the following topic? [topic]

Get cross-industry insights, see how various industries tackle similar challenges.

What are applications in different industries for [technology]?

  • Starting point to evaluate market demand, and identify niche sectors.
  • Discover ways to apply a technology in a new context.

What applications exist for [technology] in [industry]?

  • Uncover industry-specific use cases for your technology.
  • Find the best fit for your technology within a specific industry.

Make a mindmap for [topic].

Ideation support for when you first start out exploring a topic.

Prompts for guiding the chat

"list some more"

Most prompt templates return 2 or 3 answers. Use this to generate more answers.

"focus on..."

Guide the chat toward a specific aspect of a topic you are interested in.

"focus on ... only"

Use this when the chat made a search query that is too broad.