Explore your own data with Mergeflow hosted solutions

If your data cannot come to our analytics and UI, we can bring our analytics and UI to your data. With Mergeflow’s hosted solutions, you can deploy our technology within your computing infrastructure.

Utilize your organization's R&D content

A lot of effort goes into creating internal research reports, project descriptions, and other content. Unfortunately, these valuable contents often end up in data silos. Through Mergeflow Enterprise Solutions, you can integrate the R&D contents across your organization, and make them part of your tech discovery and exploration work.

Find experts

“Who’s the expert for … in my organization?”

Mergeflow analyzes your content and extracts the names of the authors. So, when you search for a topic, Mergeflow displays the people associated with that topic, as well as their collaboration networks.

Internal and external content in one place

In addition to your own content, Mergeflow Enterprise collects and organizes worldwide R&D and business data. This gives you a panoramic view on innovation, no matter where it happens.

Save everybody a ton of work

Mergeflow Enterprise works with content that’s being generated already anyways, for example project descriptions. This saves everyone the work of creating additional content, such as enterprise social network profiles.

Focus on discovery, not on admin

“A year from now.”

When you ask how long it will take to get up and running, that’s not the answer you want to hear.

Delivered as containerized application

Enterprise Solutions are deployed via standard platforms like Docker. This way you get continuous deployment, updating, and scaling.

Use your existing authentification and authorization

Enterprise Solutions live within your computing infrastructure. There is no need for any additional authentification and authorization solutions.

We can build additional business logics for you

Your data and your use cases might require additional business logics. Thanks to our modular tech stack, we can build customized components for you in a very cost-effective way.

You can start small

You might not know today what exactly you will need in the future. We like lean operations, and we will always focus on your use case as it evolves, not on bells and whistles.

Pricing for Enterprise Solutions

Pricing for Enterprise Solutions consists of an annual subscription and setup and deployment. Additionally, optional functionalities are available.

1. Annual subscription

Please see our pricing page for details.

2. Setup and deployment

Setup and deployment costs are one-time, time-and-material-based costs that depend on the customer’s computing infrastructure and processes.

3. Optional functionalities

Costs depend on the complexity of the desired optional functionality.

Here are some examples of optional functionalities:

  • Usage metrics, compliant with applicable privacy and data protection regulations.
  • Additional data collection and analytics functionalities, for example for customer-internal data sets, such as internal research reports.

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