Explore your own data with a Mergeflow hosted solution

Mergeflow Enterprise is our hosted solution. It lets you deploy our technology within your computing infrastructure. This way you can use our analytics and UI to also explore your own, internal R&D contents.

Utilize your organization's R&D content

A lot of effort goes into creating internal research reports, project descriptions, and other content. Unfortunately, these valuable contents often end up in data silos. Through Mergeflow Enterprise Solutions, you can integrate the R&D contents across your organization, and make them part of your tech discovery and exploration work.


Find experts in your organization

“Who’s the expert for ‘neuromorphic computing’ in my organization?”

Identifying an internal expert in a specific field can be challenging and time-consuming, especially when you work in a large, globally distributed company.

To solve this problem, Mergeflow Enterprise analyzes your internal R&D contents, and discovers the names of experts associated with a particular topic. As a result, you can search for the technology you’re interested in, and you’ll get the names of relevant experts within your company, as well as their collaboration network.

Internal and external content, all in one place

In addition to your own content, Mergeflow Enterprise collects and organizes worldwide R&D and business data. This gives you a panoramic view on innovation, no matter where it happens.

Use your own corporate design

If it is yours, it should look and feel like yours.

This isn’t just about optics. For example, your company might have its own nomenclature for certain things, or processes that people are used to. Mergeflow Enterprise takes these factors into account, thus helping reduce friction for your users.

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Standards-based delivery and deployment gets you up and running quickly

Delivery and deployment

We deliver Mergeflow Enterprise as a dockerized application. And we deploy using AWS Elastic Beanstalk if your computing infrastructure supports it.

Use your existing authentication and authorization infrastructure

Mergeflow Enterprise lives within your computing infrastructure. It uses your existing authentication and authorization infrastructure. As a result, every Mergeflow Enterprise user can search and view those internal contents that your existing access rights management system allows.

Subscription plans for Mergeflow Enterprise

Mergeflow Enterprise subscription plans are identical to our cloud-based Team plans. This means that you can start with Team, and then seamlessly flip over into Enterprise.

Per user / month
Per user / year
Total / year





































Annual subscription pricing does not include setup, deployment, or optional functionalities. These are time-and-material-based costs that depend on your computing infrastructure and processes.

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