About Mergeflow

Mergeflow provides an AI research assistant for innovators in technology-intensive industries. Scientists and engineers use Mergeflow to discover and explore the technologies that enable their next products, services, or missions. Mergeflow builds customized generative AI for ideation support, and for getting insights from real-time R&D and business contents.

We work with innovators worldwide

Our history

Mergeflow was originally founded in 2007 by Florian Wolf, a PhD graduate from MIT and former research associate in Computer Science and Genetics at the University of Cambridge. At this early stage, Mergeflow developed analytics software for hedge fund investors. This included some of what today is called “alternative data” (news, blogs, and social media). But then the financial crisis raged, and customers started to skimp. Mergeflow’s small team was forced to rethink and pivot the entire company.

Eventually, after exploring all kinds of options and possibilities, they met with a team at Siemens Corporate Technology that wanted to automate and scale some of their technology scouting activities. This project began as a proof-of-concept, but Mergeflow’s team quickly realized that this was exactly what they wanted to do all along: The perfect combination of “building cutting-edge analytics software” and “helping solve fascinating, and often somewhat hidden, challenges across a wide variety of tech sectors”.

Today, Mergeflow’s software is used by companies worldwide to discover and explore emerging technologies, companies, ideas, experts, and new markets.

Mergeflow operates as a bootstrapped and distributed company.


Andreas Plenk

Analytics and Customer Success

Andreas develops analytics components for Mergeflow’s enterprise solutions, and is responsible for the right interplay between data, user interface, and customers. He studied Economics in Munich and Lausanne, and has an MSc in Economics from the University of Munich. Outside the office, he’s a volunteer firefighter.

Dr. Florian Wolf

Founder and CEO

Florian is responsible for company strategy and product design at Mergeflow. Previously, Florian developed analytics software for institutional investors. Before that, he was a Research Associate in Computer Science and Genetics at the University of Cambridge. Florian has a PhD in Cognitive Sciences from MIT. Some of Florian’s work at MIT was funded by DARPA. Florian is a member of the Global Panel at MIT Technology Review.