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Faster time-to-insight on R&D and business

Mergeflow uses AI-augmented analytics to help you discover companies, emerging technologies, market estimates, R&D experts and other insights in worldwide technology contents.

Getting a 360° view of a technology field

What companies are active in a technology field? What’s the latest in R&D? What are relevant markets? Who invests in the technology field? What topics are discussed in the news and on blogs?

Mergeflow’s 360° view helps you address these and other questions, so that you can quickly identify those areas that are worth your time.

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Staying up-to-date on your technology fields

New technology developments can emerge at any time, anywhere. But nobody can predict where and when this will happen. And even if nothing happens for a while – you still have to be on the lookout, just in case.

Mergeflow automates this otherwise time-consuming process for you. It tracks and aggregates the latest venture investments, R&D, patents, news, and market analyses. And on a weekly basis, you’ll get relevant updates via email. You can stay up-to-date in minutes, instead of spending hours scanning multiple databases, websites, and portals.

Analyzing a company from a science, technology, and market viewpoint

This helps you understand the potential of the company in the long term. As an investor, it lets you assess the potential of the company to develop new products, services, and technologies. Additionally, it helps you identify the competitive advantages that the company has over its competitors.

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Exploring your customers' markets

Exploring which markets are relevant to your customers can help you discover new opportunities, assess customer needs and adjust your products or services accordingly to better meet those needs. It also helps you to identify potential changes in the market and adjust your strategies accordingly.

For instance, if you make LiDAR technology, you should be aware of fast-growing markets in which your customers might use it. You could target fast-growing markets since they are probably a priority for your customers.

"Covestro is a world-leading supplier of high-tech polymer materials. Mergeflow's software helps us identify and monitor important technological, scientific, and market information, in a highly automated way. Using Mergeflow ensures that we do not miss information that is important to our business."

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Try all Mergeflow features free for 14 days. No credit card required.

Latest R&D insights

We use Mergeflow to create data snapshots for technologies from across industry sectors.

Underground Mapping

Underground mapping is the process of creating maps of underground spaces such as tunnels, mines, and sewers. These maps can be used for safety inspections and infrastructure planning, for example.

Homomorphic Encryption

Homomorphic encryption is a type of encryption technique that allows operations to be performed on data without decrypting it.

Thermal Batteries

Thermal batteries are energy storage devices which use heat to store energy. They can provide backup power for critical applications in areas where the power grid is unreliable.

Li-Fi Technologies

Li-Fi uses visible light communication to enable high-speed, high-capacity wireless communication. It works similar to Wi-Fi, but instead of radio waves, it uses light waves to transmit data.

Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless authentication lets you log in to a computer system without the entering (and having to remember) a password or any other knowledge-based secret.

MLOps (Machine Learning Operations)

MLOps focuses on the management and operations of machine learning. It involves building and maintaining machine learning systems, managing data and infrastructure, and monitoring and optimizing performance.

The Tech Discovery Guide

See how successful innovators discover emerging technologies, research, companies, experts, and new markets.

For example, you will learn:

  • How you can make better search queries for discovering new ideas.
  • Why you should iterate, rather than plan too much in advance.
  • Why you need a user story.
  • Why it’s a good idea to sometimes just toss your old findings.
  • How you can beat analysis paralysis.